Hello! I am Chu-Ming, an Electrical Engineering student at the National University of Singapore. I have a strong interest in Computer Science and I love discussing otherworldly concepts. You can find my blogs as well as my projects page on the sidebar. Ways to contact me can also be found there.

Electronics Workshop

I am running a free electronics workshop for complete beginners. If you ever wanted to find out what goes on behind the scenes in your smartphone, or how to automate simple tasks with electronics, this workshop will be perfect for you. You will acquire a high-level understanding of the basics of electronics, as well as get a hands-on experience with creating and programming an electronic toy.

Why Everyone Thinks Hillary Clinton is all about Identity Politics


Fourth-dimensional Bread

Just Another Tower Defense

This is a semi-complete tower defense game I made a while ago. I am thinking of re-opening this project with a thematic and graphical rehaul. Please let me know if you’re interested to collaborate.

A Revelation, of Sorts

Before I left Singapore, I read about a half dozen articles on travel that my friends shared on Facebook. That’s the amazing thing about Facebook nowadays. They see that you’re clicking something and they just keep feeding you more. The downside is that your Facebook feed becomes an echo chamber, but then again, I think I’ve read enough about that on Facebook.

The Struggle of Living

Don’t worry, this is not a cry for help; I’m not suicidal. This is merely an honest reflection on life, and the very state of existence.

Global Engineering Programme

I’ve been wanting to write this for a long time. This is my third semester in NUS, which means that I’ve been through my freshman year already. Studies wise, I’ve done pretty well, by some miracle I was even named the top student of my cohort. But I’m not satisfied.

3D Reconstruction from 2D Images

As part of our orbital project, my friend Lee Kai Yi and I created a web service which will reconstruct 3D models from a collection of 2D images, also known as photogrammetry.

Schedule it for me!

Scheduleit helps you to schedule your events effortlessly. Using an intuitive click and drag interface, users can set up a schedule in under ten seconds and share the generated link with their friends.

not so Instant Messenger

not so Instant Messenger is a simple standalone instant messenging program designed to allow users to chat over a network. Users can create a password-protected session within a shared folder, then join and leave the session at will. This was made during national service (NS) so we could chat on a local network with restrictions.

Animate me!

AnimateMe! is an animated illusion creator designed to help users create animated optical illusions similar to those shown in the youtube video by Brusspup below. You can convert any series of images, animated gif or video into one such animation and print it out or save it as you prefer.

Pudge Practice Map

Pudge practice map is a custom map made for Warcraft III with the intended purpose of helping DotA players better their performance with the hero Pudge in games. This was made a really long time ago when I played DotA obsessively and wanted to improve my skills.

Science and Existence

I believe that before we can start talking about existence, we have to first study science. Our world is defined by physical laws, but there is no reason for these laws to be the way they are. The speed of light is a constant, gravity pulls objects together, no one knows why or how these things came to be.

Project Make-Possible

At the start of this summer a few friends and I participated in a makerthon called Project Make-Possible, jointly organised by the student chapters of Institute of Engineers as well as Engineers Without Borders Asia. Project Make-Possible is an initiative to introduce and promote the spirit of humanitarian engineering amongst students in NUS. Over the course of a week, we were exposed to humanitarian efforts in engineering, as well as workshops teaching us the basics of engineering skills such as 3D printing and laser cutting. There was a site visit to SPD as well.

Making keychain flashlights

It’s the end of the school semester, and a lot of my seniors in college are leaving this place. It’s sad, but as the Chinese saying goes, there is no banquet that never ends. I wanted to do something so they can remember this place, and I thought what could be better than a small keychain which you can hang on your bag and whenever others ask you about it, you can fondly recount “Back in the days when I was in CAPT…”

Controlling aircon via bluetooth

I live in a student dormitary where the aircon controller is attached to the wall next to the door. I guess I should be content with air conditioning, but it is the nature of human beings that we are never satisfied. Sometimes, I find myself wishing for a remote to turn off my aircon or change the temperature at night when I’m in bed. Since I have always been wanting to do something with my Arduino, I decided to make my aircon bluetooth compatible with my phone.

How to set up a wireless printer server

Recently my senior (and dear friend) left Singapore for exchange in London, and left me his printer as part of his legacy. I didn’t really want to keep it in my room, and since it’s a wired printer, I had to find a way to make it wireless. Fortunately, NUS Hackers had a Raspberry Pi lying around which no one was using, so I sought to make full use of it and acquaint myself with the Pi at the same time.

Hello World!

Hello world!